Top Of The Mind

Our Marketing tools will keep your Dry Cleaners on top of your customers' mind. You will have a spectrum of tools to promote, alert, inform and celebrate with your customers.... And they are fully automated...NO NEED TO BABYSIT YOUR MARKETING PLAN!


Create unique email promotions with the flexibility to chose to whom, when and how often to email. Create separate promotions for delivery customers vs retail customers or for those who haven’t used you for household, alterations or laundry service.


NO MORE LOOSING! Advanced coupon management. Now you can create coupons without the fear of loosing revenue. Our Create Coupon process will allow you to specify restrictions by expiration, interval\redemption limit, minimum purchase amount and qualified departments.


Create retention specific marketing campaigns. Set auto-triggers to email customers who haven’t visited your store in X-Days, Who's average monthly or quarterly spending has declined, or visit intervals have increased.