Pick-Up & Delivery Service

Route operation and management can complicated for staff and costly for the unexperienced Dry Cleaner. There are challenges in creating routes, creating and managing route customers, billing, notifications ...and lets not forget hiring and training drivers. We built DCS Routing applying our many years of building and managing routes in a busy metropolitan. We present our users with easy to learn and operate tools while we run our artificial intelligence in the background to prevents costly and embarrassing errors.


Route Administrator will have the tools to create a route which include Route Name, Route Geographic Location, Route Specific Notes, Route Days and Route Reminders. Route Administrator may edit or modify routes at any time.

Route Customer

To insure that no Route Customer is missed by driver and to further insure that every Route Customer is billed and collected upon for services, we created a unique and unparallelled process. Our artificial intelligence will guide your CSR and Route Manager through a simple and safe process yielding to happy customers and accounts receivables.

Route Billing

PCI Compliant Recurring Billing using a Token process will assure that no customer credit card data is compromised. Batch Billing is a One-Click process. Click and BOOM! All your route customers are charges and\or emailed statements. Upon completion DCS will email Thank You Notifications or Declined Notifications. User may View, Print or Export Credit Card Report presenting each transaction and transaction's details